If you caught my Instagram story yesterday, I shared that as much as I love styling, it was hard to sit down and condense everything I know/learned into one blog post. Plus, it might be hard to digest. So... I figured I would mimic how I did my instagram live session, and break it down into segments. Here are a few myths about styling - either that people have said directly to me (and I disagree with), or that I used to think! Note that this post is directed towards calligraphers and hand-letterers, although I feel it generally applies to styling in general.

Myth #1 - You can just throw things randomly into a photo and it'll look nice.

Someone said this to me before... and I was like ??? Haha. You definitely don't throw your letters down on paper right? So, you definitely don't want to throw down random props into a photo. Maaaaybe it'll look okay (I'm skeptical), but truthfully, I always intentionally lay out my work. Besides, if you spent all that time creating a piece, why would you just throw random items in the photo?


Myth #2 - "Your photos only look nice because you have expensive things."

Yes, someone said that to me, too. And it's not true. While it is good to invest in quality props (helloooo honey silks), that is certainly not the only thing that will make a photo look nice. Ramon said it best on Instagram where he explained that mixing old props with newer props really does the trick sometimes. Not to mention, we all have to start somewhere, right? If you scroll down to the bottom of my feed, I definitely hadn't invested in any special props. I just used what was around my house. And sometimes the best props to use are the ones you already have. Perhaps the tool you used (a brush pen, for example) IS the prop. Note the pic below -- That's a scarf I already had, a trinket dish that is from years ago, and those two little prints are prints I did awhile back. The little coin purse is a gift from my calligrabestie, Han, and THEN I added in more expensive things from Honey Silks. We'll talk about using what you already have more in another post. Onto Myth #3.

Myth #3 - You need a fancy camera or lenses to get started.

I used to think my photos would NEVER look crisp without a fancy camera. Now, I think a DSLR camera is absolutely fantastic, but I don't feel it's necessary for Instagram. Smartphones and iPads work great for photos (yes, that's what I use). Usually all that's needed is changing settings, photographing with natural light, and a good filter or two.

Leave a comment either on here or on Insta about any styling myths or questions you might have. And now that you can save Instagram live sessions, I might do another one sometime soon.


Til next time,

P.S. Shoutout to my sweet calligrafriend, Prayer. She tuned into my live feed, posted this on Instagram, and I think we've been following each other since day 1. So appreciative of you, Prayer!